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Doctor Briggs, MD

Dr. Bridget Briggs explains a little about Hemp Oil.

What Is Hemp Oil For?

Dietary aid? Drug? Super-food? Miracle Cure? Here’s an article to help explain more about what it is, and what it isn’t.

American Made, Vegan, Responsibly Sourced

We really try and do everything we can to help lessen our burden on the environment. From local sourcing to bulk ordering from our suppliers to cut down on fuel consumption. It’s important that our planet is healthy as much as our customers.

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What do you mean "Health Professionals"?

We mean doctors, clinicians, and researchers.

What is Hemp Oil?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s already in your body naturally. Like vitamin C or B12, our bodies don’t always make enough of what we need. A supplement can be helpful to restore balance. 

We would caution you that, with anything you’re going to put in your body, know the source is clean and legitimate. Things like return policy, money back guarantees, and transparent lab testing posted on the site will help you to understand where the product comes from and whether you can trust it.

We offer several forms of hemp oil because no one person is the same. For example:

  • Some really enjoy the gummies right before bed or when they’re feeling a headache coming on.
  • The oils offer a faster delivery but not everyone loves the texture or taste.
  • The softgels offer an easy method with just a simple pill.

Find The Hemp Oil Product That's Right For You.